Consulting Services

The firm often provides consultation services to clients who are looking to buy or sell businesses in whole or in part, or to attorneys whose clients wish to do so.

The firm is experienced and knowledgeable about the beverage industry as a whole, including trends, valuations and precedent. We can help by working with your professionals who simply do not have the experience or time to handle the details involved in beverage industry transactions. Our growing contact list includes many beverage industry players who we know on a first name basis. In our years of experience, we have been able to confidentially test the waters for a potential transaction for buyers or sellers without anyone outside the inner circle of ownership learning that a transaction may be in the works with respect to their businesses.

Beyond that, we have been able to leverage our vast experience and contacts in the beverage industry to assist in business consolidations involving hundreds of millions of dollars, and large enough to require Department of Justice approval. In a changing business environment, which more and more requires scale and significant capitalization, we have assisted putting together business deals that greatly benefit the parties involved.